Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal

Our church has supported the Blythswood shoe box appeal for over 11 years now. Each year the members of our congregation donate beautifully wrapped shoeboxes containing items such as toiletries and hats, scarves etc for needy children and adults in Eastern Europe. The shoeboxes are delivered by Blythswood care and given to those who have found themselves very much in need often through no fault of their own. Jesus said that the poor will always be with us and praise God that many of us here in the West have the privilege of being able to help those who are often struggling to survive from day to day.

Once again it is time to think about the Blythswood Shoe Box Appeal. As I read the heart breaking stories of poverty and how the young and old are living without every day items that we take so much for granted, it breaks my heart. The arrival of beautifully wrapped, generously filled shoeboxes are bringing hope to many who find it hard just to keep going each day. All who receive a shoebox also receive from Blythswood, the message of the gospel in a book or calendar giving them hope in God’s greatest gift to us, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Many who receive a shoebox can hardly believe that a stranger would spend time and money filling a box with such useful and practical gifts for them. In most cases your gift is the only one they will receive and your generosity makes them feel loved.

Thank you for the many hundreds of shoeboxes that have been lovingly filled and sent to Eastern Europe in the past and I hope and pray that we can continue to help those who are so much in need this year and in the years to come.

This year St Andrew’s sent 70 shoeboxes and £150 to Blythswood Care. Many thanks to the generousity of our congregation.

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