Who We Are

  • Vision We strive to be a welcoming Christ-centred and Bible-based teaching church that models the kingdom of God within our given community by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Mission Through a variety of gatherings, we first seek personal transformation so that we can serve as witnesses of Christ within our families, workplaces, and communities to bring about change and establish God’s kingdom in our town and beyond.

Our Purpose

  1. As a church, bearing in mind that one of the biggest weaknesses in the 21st Century church is the ignorance of God’s Word, we aim to provide thorough Bible teaching and training for Christian members so they can have full confidence in the Word and build their lives upon it.
  2. Through powerful, Spirit-led and relevant preaching and teaching ministry, we aspire to be a church that heals people’s wounds and provides them with a great hope above all hope as they struggle against sin and darkness at home and society, in order to present them now as inspiring and aspiring servants of light in their community and in the end perfect in Christ.
  3. We have a vision for future leaders for our community and beyond as we strive to reach out to young people, our future heroes! This includes planting a little seed of Christian faith in the life of the children; targeting the young adult generation with passionate praise and prayer and providing biblical solutions for their age-specific life issues. For a church without the youth is a church without a future!
  4. We aim to enjoy a meaningful and balanced praise and worship of both modern songs and traditional hymns which have moved people for generations. In all we do as we worship, we strive for worship that turns us from self-centered and need-centered people into people with God-centered worship and life.

Coming Up